A Whiteboard and some Markers

It all started with these guys.



I was bored at work and the white board we had been using to write our “needs list” on was empty. (We had just switched to using a computer program)

Morale had been on the lower side and I wanted to do something that would make people smile, even just for a second.

A quick look around Pinterest, some dry erase markers, and a q-tip. And VOILA!

The smiles they brought were worth more than I could have ever realized.

And I wanted to do more!

So, I asked the managers if I could use the board to draw pictures, write quotes, and just promote positivity. They didn’t mind as long as it did not interfere with my work, so I went full steam ahead!


I can do this


I started out small. I wanted to see how the staff responded.

Everyone seemed to like it!

Next I wanted the staff to get involved. Get them talking!

favourite book

As you can see it was a hit! As each person shared their favorite story on the board, they would share these beautiful memories of it with others while they worked. It was such a wonderful thing to see!

So, about every 2 weeks, I would do a new board.







Calvin and hobbs quote

This one is probably one of my favorites.


Staff Shout outs


Sometimes I was able to celebrate certain holidays!

Proud Canadian


Eventually I began to feel the boards were becoming less needed and I was starting to run out of ideas.

But I had a few more things to say before I would put down my dry erase markers.




And its this last one that I really wanted people to see.



So now I’m taking a break. To recharge, to regroup, and to come up with some new ideas!

But I hope this inspires people to bring positivity into their workplace, their life, or just give them a smile.

It’s all worth it.


Candice 🙂

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