The Family


Just some friendly advice… It is not easy getting a “family photo” of 3 cats, 1 dog, and a human.

I recommend long sleeves… And sedation… For the human or the pets, dealer’s choice…

But here it is!

Family Photo

Quite a circus eh? Honestly, I’m quite surprised that I made it out with little blood loss. But I was absolutely worth it! And now I am very happy for you to meet my boys!

My oldest cat is Mop.

His full name is Dustmop. He’s my grumpy old man. He’s my cuddle bug, my sleeping buddy, and my first pet after I moved out of my parents. When ever anyone meets Mop, the first thing they notice, is he has RBF (resting b***h face). He’s part Persian so he has a smooshy nose that just makes him look pissed all the time.

Next thing will probably be the fact that he is now on your lap stealing your warmth. But don’t touch him. He doesn’t want that. Just your warmth.


“Umm, is he missing an ear?”

Yup! He had chronic ear issues before I got him from the rescue. His pinna was pretty damaged (the part that sticks up), and it was quite uncomfortable for him and very difficult to put in ear medication, so I had it removed.

Mop - Family photo

Next is Killian… the middle child.

He is my handsome boy, and he knows it. He is also a bit of a diva.

I got him after he was dumped on my parents’ farm. He was so affectionate and chatty my Dad could not get any work done in his shop, so he sent me a picture. Big bright yellow eyes, perfect white whiskers on this black face with a white chin patch, and the most perfect ears I have ever seen. He captured my heart. I drove down that day to get him.

I had wanted a friend for Mop while I was at work, it seemed like it was meant to be! I soon realized Mop wanted nothing to do with him and Killian could not care less… He was too busy eating, he had settled right in.

He is the quintessential s**t disturber cat. Chewing plastic, knocking things off my bookshelves as he tried to get to the bag of cat food or the hamster.

Touching his belly means death. Or just him screaming at you. He does not want any affection until I have something on my lap, then it MUST move. Or when I’m trying to sleep. He knows where hands are under the pillow and will nudge them with his nose in an attempt to promote pets, and he knows how to paw at my face to test if I’m awake… Or wake me up… Also, he drools when he is happy.

Killian - Family photo

Last of the cats is Link, my baby boy. Winky, the Winklest Wink, Kitten.

So many nicknames, so little time… he came to me as a baby, he had major eye issues and was possibly blind.

Link - kitten - family photo

Rough lookin’ eh?

Killian needed a friend (see a pattern here?) and I didn’t mind having a blind cat. Luckily, we managed to save his eyes and his sight! He just has a medical condition that makes his eyes look cloudy.

So, he came home with me! He was hand raised, so he was already a bit odd. But he loved Killian, they became thick as thieves. He is a nervous boy though, he’s never really liked cuddles and he hides whenever guests are over.

The two loves in his life other than Killian, are the laser pointer and the bathroom sink. He LOVES the laser pointer. He can hear the click from all the way across the apartment. And for a decent amount of time after playing with the laser pointer, if I pick up anything laser pointer shaped he perks up.

“Red Dot?!!???!?!”

No Link, not red dot, I just a remote.

*sad cat face*

Then there is the bathroom sink… ahh the sink… basically what he wants is for the sink to be running a very thin slow stream of water that he can play with a drink at his leisure. He loves to stick his paw under the water, watch it run off. Pull it out, look at his wet paw. And do it again.

If the sink is running to fast he will try to bury the water, he digs and digs and digs. Dang it! Where is all this water coming from!? And eventually leave miffed.

Link - Family photo

Then, there’s Fawkes, my doggo.

He is the most recent addition. I got him as a rescue, he was very sick as a puppy and his first owners could not afford his care. He was surrendered, got better, then I got him!

Now what breed is he…? Your guess is as good as mine. Pomeranian/Papillon? Maltese/Papillon? Pomeranian/Maltese? Who knows! I tend to just describe him as a mix and call it a day…

He was a cute puppy. So, freaking cute! He learned fetch the first day I had him and now its his most favorite game! That and tearing apart toys… Seriously this dog can get the toughest toy I can buy him, some how this little monster finds the ONE SEAM IT HAS!! Aaaannd its in pieces. Luckily, he does not eat the pieces! Just leaves a mess for me to clean up…

Fawkes has brought a lot of joy and energy to my life and despite it all I would not trade him for anything!

Fawkes - family photo

Last is Harry, Harry the Hobo, Harry Houdini, Harry Potter, Harry the Hamster.

He was brought into my work in a shoe box by some good citizens. Their question was innocent and warranted “Are there wild hamsters in the city?”

They had found him, the tiniest hamster running around a railroad track. The people managed to catch him and bring him in. (I work at an animal hospital) He was sassy! He had to be! He was a wild boy! He lived on the wrong side of the tracks! But ultimately his side of the story was kyboshed as there are no wild hamsters where I live.

We figured he had been bought by a family, his box some how got dropped before they got to the house and he was gone!

No one claimed him. So, I took him home! This little f***er has lived up to his name Harry Houdini! He has broken out of his cage so many times! Once he was missing for 4 days. I searched everywhere! Eventually after a long night of searching I went to bed… my cats started acting weird… rustle, rustle, rustle… closer… Ruslte… RUSTLE… HE WAS HIDING IN THE BOX SPRING!! I turn on my phone light. Glance over the edge of my bed to see Harry, paws in the air, frozen. 4 sets of eyes on him. Mop, Killian, Link and me. He was apprehended without incident.

Harry - family photo

So that’s my crazy family! It a busy apartment but I could not imagine my life with out them. To quote Stitch from the wonderful Disney movie Lilo and Stitch “This is my family, I found it all on my own. It’s little and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.”


Candice 😊

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