Apartment Cleaning!

So, I was away for about 5 days visiting family and friends. And though it was absolutely lovely to see everyone, I felt like I was in this kind of limbo. I had all this energy, time, and proximity to people I care about to do so many things! But all I wanted to do was go home and organize and clean my apartment… But I had commitments, and who would believe and not be offended by; “Oh, sorry. I need to cancel. I need to go home and clean and organize my apartment.” Seriously. No one.

Now, I wish I could ask my squishy brain, “Why can’t that urge hit when I’m actually in my apartment??”
… I tried to process this concept of my brain asking itself a question and my brain started to hurt… Not a good sign.

So, lets move on!

After my 5-day adventure, I finally got home… and slept for 12

After that! I started to clean.

So, I went from an apartment with carpet, to one with laminate flooring.

With 3 cats… No matter what litter catching mat I use, the litter still tracks EVERYWHERE! And now I can feel it everywhere I walk. So, I sweep religiously. Then there’s the fur… Oh, the fur… Balls of fur tumbling into the corners, under couches, against the wall. Instead of just weaving themselves into the carpet fibre like they used to in my old apartment. So… More sweeping!

So, after sweeping, and moving stuff, then sweeping more, cleaning the litter boxes and sweeping more.

I started to unpack and put away all the stuff I had been ignoring for the past month. I hung up actual curtains using a curtain rod (instead of the bed sheet and thumb tacks I used prior) to cover my patio door.

My sacred space got downsized a bit, storing the stuff I did not need at this time. I felt drawn to a minimalist and stream lined area focused on growth. Not the reflective compilation of all that came before and made me who I am, I had set up when I first moved in.

The succulent I have had some petals fall off in the move. Luckily these little off shoots can grow into a whole new plant! So, I repotted my succulents little off shoots and settled the new plants I bought while I was away into their new location, with a little prayer to the Earth that they survive and thrive in my care.

At this point I needed some supplies to really finish off the apartment set up. So… I went on a shopping spree to the craft store!

I bought some frames for the puzzle I finished, and this Legend of Zelda print I got for Christmas. As well as a fake fern, some fake flowers and a vase. Basically, I wanted the size and vibrancy of the fern, but I knew the odds were forever against me of keeping one alive… So, I got a fake one! The same thing goes for the fake flowers. I wanted the colour and since most beautiful flowers are unsafe for pets, fake ones are the easiest compromise!

When I brought my haul home, I got to work. I could tell my energy was waning, but I was so close.

I hung up the pictures, placed the fern, assembled the flowers, and added a few more touches around the room.

I lit a candle and cleansed the space with sage.

The burst of cleaning and organizing inspiration was over, and the results amazing.

Here are some pictures of all the hard work!

The stunning Legend of Zelda Print and “Starry Night” puzzle!

Framed Pictures.JPG


The Living Room is coming together!

Living Room.jpg


The fish have a nice view of the fake plant I got.

Fish Tank


My flower arrangement!

Flower Power


My repotted succulents as well as some other plants.

Green Space



Candice 🙂

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