I feel different.

As if I’ve finally been able to start healing.

Before, I thought I was owning my traumas. Speaking of them so they wouldn’t control me.

But now… Maybe I was giving them power. Never letting them rest, letting them fade into the darkness.

Now I just want to be lighter, to stop carrying these past hurts.


So, it’s time to let go, to move forward. To stop looking back at what was and what could have been.

I’m making a change.

I’m putting my pieces back together differently.

I won’t be afraid of failure and I will trust the magic of a new beginning.

I will strive to live with passion.

I will love myself and all my flaws.


And I will be brave.

For there are some paths you must walk alone and being alone is a power that few can handle.

Sometimes I think, maybe I was designed to be alone. But that’s okay. I’m not afraid to walk alone, and I’m even less afraid to like it.


Everything is changing and yet, I am more me than I have ever been.


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