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Category: Life

Power of Me

I’ve been dying for some sigils. Its like my skin has been screaming to be painted with magic. Ink as dark as the New Moon. I paint. Creating my own […]


I feel different. As if I’ve finally been able to start healing. Before, I thought I was owning my traumas. Speaking of them so they wouldn’t control me. But now… […]

Apartment Cleaning!

So, I was away for about 5 days visiting family and friends. And though it was absolutely lovely to see everyone, I felt like I was in this kind of […]


I will admit in the past I have not been blessed with a green thumb but I have hope!

Big News!

Hey All! I’m sorry I have been so absent, so many things have been happening! Some of you may already know, but it all comes down to the fact… I’m […]

Emotions and Music

I really feel like music helps me to process thoughts and emotions that seem too overwhelming on their own.   And lately there is a lot rolling around in this […]

unsplash-logoEdwin Andrade

I’m Just “Tired”

I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I just watched Roxxxy Andrews breakdown during her first time in the bottom two. And it shook me. “…and I’m just so tired” […]

unsplash-logoCasey Horner

Call of the Circle

Of course I felt the call to Cast a Circle last night… Seems simple right? I mean usually it is, I just walk over to my handy dandy (but a […]

Tarot Journal

Date: November 6, 2018   Deck Used:  The Goddess Tarot (graciously loaned to me by Cristina Matteis! Thank You!)   Spread: Past/ Present/ Future   General Reading or the Question […]

Divine Divination

I wonder if its my anxiety that draws me to the practice of Divination. The possibility of...

Samhain: An Altar & the Ancestors

Today I set up my Samhain Altar. To honor the God and Goddess, and to honor and connect with my ancestors. (as I’m writing this I am also watching and […]


I have recently begun my journey to becoming a Wiccan. Maybe you’re thinking this is an act of rebellion or a cry for help. But it’s the exact opposite, I am embarking on a journey of...

Elora Road Trip Playlist

I love sharing my music! And the little trip to Elora I went on over the weekend, with my friend Erica was the perfect time to do it! Here is […]