The Path

It had been a restless night. Your demons clawed and dug at your resolve. Calling out your insecurities. Calling out all your flaws. You felt trapped, imprisoned in your own mind. Imprisoned in that damn apartment. Gods above and below… You hated this city.

But the sun, cutting through the darkness had called to you. Chasing away the demons, its blazing fury nipping at their heals.

They were gone. For now…

But any reprieve is a blessing and you have never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth. So, you quickly dressed, not wanting to waste these precious moments. Grabbing your keys in deliberate silence you made it to your car without seeing a soul. Why did this place make you so damn anti social?

A question for another time though. Now you just needed… to be.

Why you chose this place you’ll never know. But as you parked your car you noticed the sharpness, there was this beautiful sharpness to the world. Everything seemed so clear, so simple, so at ease. Hesitant, you step out into it, the unfamiliarity snaps at you, clearing your foggy, war ragged mind. Your never up this early… But damn, that sunrise is stunning. Swaths of orange and gold mixing so effortlessly with the remnants of the navy night. The sun, in all its blazing glory. Rising above the horizon, cutting through the darkness with ease. You feel a twinge of guilt, you just can’t seem to remember the last time you saw the sun rise.

Your eyes are drawn to the majesty, the all commanding forest before you. Its canopy wordlessly eluding to ancient secrets held within its leafy boarders. As the crisp air fills your lungs you feel oddly… Calm. But there is something on the fringe… Laughter? You strain your ears, trying to make out the sound. So clear, but almost fleeting.

Your feet move long before your mind understands.

Follow me.

Its as if you have walked this route a thousand times, your feet unfaltering in their chosen route. Where were you going?

You’ll see.

You walk, instinct guiding you. The unknown sound always just a breath away.

Have you been here before? It seems familiar… A memory just beyond reach. Your pace quickens, the familiarity eats at you. Why do you know this place??

Panic takes hold, the pace falters. Your once steadfast feet, slip.


You feel cold. Was it… Was it just all a pretty daydream to hide from the demons…?

Tears sting your eyes, but maybe, just maybe if you keep your eyes closed you can hold on to the pretty dream just a little longer. Just a little longer please…

Open your eyes little one.

But it will all fade! All that beauty, the sunrise, the trees will all be gone, and I will be alone again. All alone in that cold, dark apartment!

Be brave little one, open your eyes.

You feel the demons circling, like vultures. Their shadowy tendrils searching for a foot hold… Dammit, dammit, dammit! Be brave. BE BRAVE!

With a battle cry you push yourself up and you open your eyes.

Flowers. Beautiful little blue flowers, flowing in the breeze. Almost… Almost as if they are waving. You push yourself onto your knees. You look around taking stock. Mud. You fell into mud. You feel the laughter bubbling up, taking hold. But in the span of a breath it turns to sobbing. Dammit, dammit, Dammit! Am I so lost that a simple mud puddle could break my spirit? Why… Why am I even here?!

You’ll see.

As the tears dry, you look to the flowers again. So simple, you reach out to touch the petals. So soft. You decide to take one, a perfect little reminder that this was in fact, real. Carefully you chose your companion and you send a silent “thank you” to the ones left behind. With your little reminder safely tucked away. You know you need to finish this journey.

It doesn’t take long, first you feel a change in the air. The once cool and crisp air turns warm. A smell so sweet, so calming fills your mind. The canopy begins to thin, giving way to the bluest sky you have ever seen. The clearing before you seems… Frozen, frozen in time. A remnant of an age so long ago, that even the trees have trouble remembering. But you remember, or at least you think you do… But do you…? Uncertainty eats away at your resolve, you lean back ever so slightly, afraid to step into the light.

No, not you. The demons.

Be brave.

Without a second thought you step into the light.

Time begins again.

You see it, as if the fog has been cleared away. The thing this path has been leading to, the end of the journey. Before you, in the middle of the clearing, stands an archway. Made of ivy and saplings. The end, and the beginning.

Your little reminder nestled in your pocket radiates heat. You pull the little blue flower from your pocket as you step forward. Words that felt like they have always been there, spill from your lips.

“I’ve brought you guys a gift.”

With the little blue flower in hand. You step through the arch.

Welcome home little one. You were so brave.

Thank you so much for reading my little story! This one was an absolute pleasure to write. Though the bulk of it is fiction, it was inspired by a images I captured while walking Fakwes at an off leash dog park in London, Ontario.

So I thought it was only fitting to share my inspiration with you!

Blue Flowers


Though I embellished a little, the beauty of nature is astounding!

Thank you all again for reading my post!

Please share and help me share my stories with even more people!

Candice 🙂


The wind. Whispering… Telling all in breathless silence. But you do not mind, for its cool touch remind you that you are alive. You look to the horizon, once washed with colours so beautiful. Hues of blues, purples, pinks and reds so pure, you yearn for your paint and canvas. But the now darkened sky has a new beauty, one of ink and glitter.

You look back to the centre of your circle, the fire, the heart of this gathering. Sizzles down to just embers. The group is getting restless, the cold inches further and further, the fire to weak to fight back.

It needs your attention.

So, you plod of into that inky night to find food, not for yourself or the gathered few. But for the fire.

You must be careful in your selection. For the heart is a fickle, as it is vital. Small pieces are necessary, easy energy, easy to carry. But you know you will need to bring larger pieces back too, they last longer, hold in heat. With arms loaded, you begin your trek back to the fading heart.

As you step into the ring of light, a feeble attempt from the dying flames. You see the faces of your group, their features masked in shadows. Are they gazing off in contemplation? Are they enjoying the silence? Are they asleep? Oh, the things that the darkness hides…

But questions beg answers, and answers in their own way bring light. So, let there be light! You feed the fire. Depositing your offerings into the bed of embers. At first it seems your choices were wrong. Too much smoke. The embers are going out. So, you kneel, to analyze, to rearrange. A few embers hold on, as if spurred on by your gaze. You take a deep breath, a careful puff of air.


They sputter and flicker, but they take hold!

Voracious, they engulf your offerings. Heat builds. Light grows. The flames dance.

A dance so beautiful, so powerful, so all consuming, it captivates the mind. One by one the group is mesmerized. Lost in the symphony, the flames the star. The flames sizzle and crackle. Its like music, crystal clear against the backdrop of the silent night. The smoke rising, lazily disappearing into the darkness like a dream upon waking… Was it ever even there?

As the gathered few feel the heat in their bones. The conversation as if given new life. Begins again. With the darkness at your back blocking out all distraction, blanketing you in a safeness, understood only by the present few. You tell stories, you share pain, you wonder, and you dream. But eventually the flames meet the one enemy it cannot beat. Eyes become heavy; yawns begin slip into the stories. Sleep calls.

As the gathered few begin to disappear into the darkness one by one. Off to find their own peace in the land of dreams. You linger. The last of the dying embers flicker. The urge to feed the embers, to nurture it back to it magnificent glory, nags at your mind. Is it because you enjoy creating and controlling something so uncontrollable? Or is it because you fear the dark?

Are you afraid of being alone in the dark?

Why are you asking yourself this? The darkness asks.

As the last ember dies, the weight presses down on you.

What’s the real question? I ask.

Are you afraid of being alone?

You blink. Taken back. “Isn’t everyone?” You reply.

That’s not an answer.

You gaze into the nothingness of the night. Answers are found in light are they not? How are you supposed to find answers in the night? But the night has no answers. It just begs the question.

Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of being alone?

What does one have in the darkness? When you take away all the noise. The colours, the people. What is left??


The answer is in you.

You take a deep breath; you look to your own fire deep inside. Forever burning, it may flicker, it may falter, but it will never go out. There the answer has been all this time.

Are you afraid of being alone?

“Yes, but I won’t let that stop me.”

Power of Me

I’ve been dying for some sigils.

Its like my skin has been screaming to be painted with magic.

Ink as dark as the New Moon.

I paint.

Creating my own reality.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I weave magic into every stroke.

Intentions given life, life given to ink.

The Power of Me.

I paint.

Power of Me

The New Moon Gives me strength and gives me power to my intentions.

New Moon Mantra






Its Been Awhile…!

Well today is Imbolc… Fair to say it kinda snuck up on me in all the chaos after the move and starting the new job.

But what to do, what to do?

Here are some of the main things Wiccans suggest:


Now alas I am away from home, so spring cleaning and cleansing my sacred space are off the list, BUT!

I’m ALL FOR planning my spring planting!

I want to “try” to grow some plants now that my new apartment has more light, as well as re-pot my succulents little offspring.

I will admit in the past I have not been blessed with a green thumb but I have hope!

I need to better connect with my ruling element Earth and I sincerely hope that nurturing and growing plants will help!

I also found this poem that I just loved and wanted to share.

Imbolc Poem

Cheers All and Blessed Be!
Candice 🙂

Candle Magic

Candle Magic is simple and easy for any beginner witch to use for mediation, spells, or rituals!

So, I thought I would share what I have learned about candle colors and their meanings.


• Peace
• Purity
• Virginity
• Divination
• Healing
• Can be used to substitute any color during a ritual or spell


• Binding
• Protection
• Repels Negativity
• Deep Meditation


• Grounding
• Earth Rites
• Animals
• Friendships


• Dreams
• Clairvoyance
• Intuition
• Lunar Energy
• Femininity
• The Goddess


• Psychic Ability
• Spiritual Power
• Wisdom
• Higher Forces
• Divination


• Element of Water
• Protection
• Truth
• Calming
• Communication


• Element of Earth
• Physical Healing
• Luck
• Monetary Success
• Tree and Plant Magic
• Growth


• Affection
• Romance
• Caring
• Nurturing
• Friendship


• Element of Fire
• Passion
• Strength
• Lust
• Courage
• Survival
• Action


• Joy
• Energy
• Good Fortune
• Feasting
• Justice
• Career Goals


• Promote Winning
• The God
• Happiness
• The Power of Male


• The Element of Air
• Intelligence
• The Sun
• Memory
• Learning

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